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2/23/2023 1:11 am  #1

I can't believe it...

I just told my coworkers about my name "Elliot".

For 16 years, I was known as [Redacted Dead-Name]. But with everything with my father, and life in general on my father's side, me and my mom sat down and came up with Elliot. Everyone knew me at work as [dead name] though, so I had to tell them eventually, right?

Monday, the 20th, I told them. I was sooo nervous! It felt like coming out all over again. I told my manager and all my assistant managers / leads about my name. Some of my co-workers already knew, so I didn't need to tell most of them. But my manager sprang out of her seat and offered to make me a new name tag! I declined, since my father is still around in the area. But when I move to my summer store, I'm going to have them make me a name-tag.

But I was so esthetic, I finally told them and I couldn't be happier!

As I'm writing this, I'm typing up an email to send to some of my former teachers. I know they're going to accept me. But it's still a terrifying experience overall. :X

The moral of the story is to not be afraid. You are loved, and worth something. Even if the people around you try to say different.

Your pal, el.

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